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Letter from our Chairman


Chairman’s update  


Dear all,


At the AGM back in May when I was elected, one of the key messages that came through was that members wanted to hear more from their Executive Committee about the club and decisions that were being made that would affect it’s future. Whilst the notes from every ExCom meeting are published on the website member’s pages, I thought it would be useful for me to give you a quick summary of the key topics discussed after each meeting, along with other relevant updates.


Playing update

Further to my previous email, the current political situation, and in particular the travel blockade, will no doubt have an impact on the how our teams play. From a playing perspective, the First team have not been included in the West Asia Premiership and we are expecting a similar situation for our Ladies, Vets, Minis and Youths.

We are exploring ways for us to continue to participate in the local Gulf leagues but have alternatives to ensure we are able to get decent game time both home and away for the Men’s sections. We are still included in the Gulf Conference, the QRF local league (both for our Vets and Seconds) and we are working on the viability of the Firsts playing in the Sri Lankan League for a year (there has been lots of support for this from the Sri Lankan Rugby Union).

The priority has been to have a full fixture list for the Men’s section due to the league format they play in week in week out, but our attention will soon be focusing on the Ladies and Minis and Youths.


Club Update

Lauren is doing a great job of planning for two business scenarios – one with our normal playing schedule and one without. It’s absolutely vital to the club’s future that we continue to get people through the doors and, if we aren’t able to use the draw of games, Lauren has planned many events and initiatives to increase revenue for the club (including open days, hosting football and other sports tournaments and kids birthday parties). I encourage you all to get behind these and to continue to show your support by bringing your friends along too!

You’ll hopefully have all seen the improvements that have been made to the club recently. Over the quieter months, we’ve done considerable repainting and resurfaced the pool area and purchased some new pool furniture.

Due to the political situation and the possible implications for the club, we have not yet made a final decision on when playing supplements will be incurred by the sections. You can see our proposed structure on the website (Membership).

Finance update

Overall, the club has made over QAR 700k loss over the past 6 months, however this is down considerably from the QAR 1.2m loss during the same period last year. Purchasing costs are increasing across the board, however Lauren and her team are looking at ways to drive down costs and increase revenue, for example - by bringing our maintenance in-house, we have saved over QAR85k and we will be reviewing the rental costs for things like the 4G pitch and the netball courts.

Securing sponsorship is one way to help improve the club’s financial situation so please drop Lauren or I a line if you work for, or know of a business which may be interested in getting involved.

I’m always pleased to hear your feedback so please let me or any EXCOM representative know if you have any comments about the topics discussed or about this update.


I look forward to seeing you soon, Martin.